General Usage Tools

A huge collection of various general usage tools significantly extending standard ArcGIS for Desktop functionality. There are pretty simple yet extremely useful and handy features like Start Editing Selected Layer, Open Attribute Table or Auto Backup Document, as well as powerful tools like Definition Query Manager or Domain Manager. There are more advanced analogs of the standard ArcGIS features like Smart Add Data dialog and there are tools allowing to do things you simply cannot do in ArcGIS without XTools Pro, e.g. Multiple Layouts, Copy/Paste Layer Properties or Map Theme Manager, and many, many more.

Copy Layer Properties

Allows copying layer properties between map layers.

Multiple Layouts

Allows creating and using multiple map layouts in ArcMap.

Identify Pro

Provides advanced identifying features in ArcMap.

Create Fishnet

Builds fishnets of rectangular or hexagonal cells.

Start Editing Selected Layer

Provides prompt and convenient way to start edit session for selected layer.

Open Table

Provides prompt and convenient access to attribute table of selected layer in ArcMap.

Smart Add Data

Provides extended and enriched functionality of adding datasets in maps in ArcMap.

“Go to” tools

Tools for viewing your current map location displayed in ArcMap data frame in online map services Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, and in Google Earth or ArcGIS Earth desktop applications.

Layer Properties

Standard grid with basic layer properties gathered in one place.

Domain Manager

Allows viewing and editing domains for selected geodatabase in one dialog.

Scale Manager

Allows viewing and editing all map scale ranges in one place.

Theme Manager

Allows to create, delete, edit and apply advanced themes to maps in ArcMap.

Manage selections

Provides one centralized place for working with all selections in map.

Find Documents and Datasets

Allows to search for map documents associated with selected dataset or datasets used in selected map document.

Document Info

Provided for viewing and editing information about MXD documents without actually opening them in ArcMap.

Show Directions

Displays directions of polyline and polygon features.

Show Nodes

Allows displaying intermediate (vertices) and end (TO and FROM) nodes of features.

Convex Hull

Allows building convex and detailed hulls for features of any geometry type.

Concave Hull

Allows building concave and detailed hulls for features of any geometry type.

Extract Map

Extracts any specified map areas or whole maps preserving all rendering and symbology settings.

Feature Report

Allows creating reports on selected features.

Preview for Catalog

Aimed to seamless work with spatial data in ArcMap.

Working with GeoRSS

GeoRSS is an emerging standard for encoding location as part of a web news feed. The name "GeoRSS" is derived from RSS, the most known web feed and syndication format.

Auto Backup Document

Allows to automatically save backup copies of your maps in specified period of time.

Definition Query Manager

Allows to create as many queries as you need and to easily switch between them.

Find Dataset in Catalog

Allows to quickly find in Catalog datasets for the layers and tables selected in the table of contents in ArcMap.

Find Features

Allows searching for features in a given layer and combining multiple attribute and spatial expressions in one search query.

Make Layers the Only Selectable

Provides prompt and convenient way to make layers selected in TOC the only selectable, without switching to the List by Selection in TOC. Moreover, there is an option to make all layers selectable with just a mouse click.

Show in Folder

Allows to promptly open folders containing datasets (shapefiles, tables, geodatabases, raster files etc.) selected in the Table of contents or Catalog window in ArcMap.