Features at a Glance

XTools AGP is a new add-in for the ArcGIS Pro application. Initially provided with a fewer tools and features it will represent broader functionality of the popular XTools Pro extension to ArcGIS for Desktop extending ArcGIS Pro and facilitating transition to this new GIS application for the end-users.
The toolset that allows creating new geodatabases, feature classes and tables, creating random points, deleting datasets, changing datasources and also renaming multiple datasets in an advanced way.
The series of tools for processing feature classes, including tools for performing various conversions between feature types, for work with multipart features and graphic objects.
The tools for performing some basic overlay operations like erase, identity and update, as well as advanced tools for creating intersection points and finding nearest features.
The series of tools to effectively manage and enrich your attribute tables with such additional attributes like XYZ coordinates, length, area and perimeter; to export tables to the Microsoft Excel application and other file formats, to aggregate and sort features/records, to delete multiple fields at once, to collect various statistics and restructure tables in many advanced ways.
The series of tools for creating surfaces (Grids) from polyline and point data, converting Grids to contour polylines, building Thiessen polygons, and extracting values and zonal statistics from rasters.
A huge collection of various general usage tools significantly extending standard ArcGIS for Desktop functionality. There are pretty simple yet extremely useful and handy features like Start Editing Selected Layer, Open Attribute Table or Auto Save MXD, as well as powerful tools like Metadata Editor including batch metadata editing capabilities. There are more advanced analogs of the standard ArcGIS features like Smart Add Data dialog and there are tools allowing to do things you simply cannot do in ArcGIS without XTools Pro, e.g. Multiple Layouts, Copy/Paste Layer Properties or Map Theme Manager, and many, many more.

Customers Across 5 Continents, in 45 Countries

XTools Pro has More than 50 000 Users, Selected Publicly Shared Opinions are Listed Below

HDR has maintained a Global License Agreement for XTools Pro since 2005. The Global License allows the more than 700 ArcGIS users within our company to use the many tools and functions within XTools Pro to simplify their workflows. Productivity and efficiency are important to HDR's GIS users, and XTools Pro allows them to do their work faster and in fewer steps.

Geospatial Technical Director at HDR

DMT is a global corporate group of 14 engineering and consulting firms, providing interdisciplinary services in the four markets Mining, Oil & Gas, Civil Engineering & Infrastructure and Plant Engineering DMT-Engineering Surveying & Geomonitoring and DMT-Exploration Seismic are using XTools-Pro extension for ArcGIS for a long time. We do not want to miss all the useful tools, which make the (GIS) life easier. We are well satisfied with the support and further developments. Looking forward for a lot of benefits…

GIS-Administrator for “Exploration Seismic” and “Engineering Surveying & Geomonitoring” at DMT GmbH & Co. KG

I have used XTools for many years and find it an extremely valuable resource, so much so that I got copies for each member of my team. The range of tasks it handles expands & improves at each release and support is excellent. My license has more than paid for itself in saved time and pulled hair when trying to get a task accomplished. My personal GIS tool chest would not be complete without XTools.

Volusia County GIS Manager

To be honest, I love all of the tools in XTools Pro. They are just awesome.

GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist at Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment

Data East nurtures a consultative and collaborative ecosystem across their stakeholders (staff, product partners and clients) to deliver and evolve
XTools Pro. A suite of tools which has been a staple and go to item
in my GIS toolbox. XTools Pro has travelled with me across my work
in accessibility & remoteness modelling, social, health and emergency management applications of GIS. Looking through the lens of XTools Pro
a deeper understanding, meaning making and insight into our world
is possible.

Business Systems Coordinator 
South Australia