September 26, 2018

Data Source Manager

Allows fixing broken or changed links to data sources in map documents.

 Available in XTools Pro for ArcMap

Lost or broken links to data sources in ArcGIS map documents resulting from moving, copying or sharing map documents can be a real problem, especially when you do not know exactly where your data are actually stored.

With XTools Pro “Data Source Manager” tool you can easily fix incorrect paths to the data in ArcGIS map documents. Incorrect links can be fixed manually and automatically. 

If you open the .mxd document and see that links to data sources are broken for some layers (i.e. they are grey and marked with red exclamation mark) you can try to fix broken links with the “Data Source Manager” tool. For that select the tool from the XTools Pro “Data Tools” menu:

 In the “Data Source Manager” dialog you have a few options, see buttons on the right:

  • Fix selected link(s) – selected invalid links will be fixed automatically
  • Fix all link(s) – all invalid links in the map will be fixed automatically
  • Change selected link(s)... – with this option you can manually change datasource for selected items (layers), no matter if the links are valid or invalid
  • Clear new link(s) – new specified links in the "New datasource" column will be cleared. This option can be used, for example, if automatically fixed links are anyway incorrect (in some cases auto searching for data sources does not always provide correct results).

Select the required option:

See all invalid links in the map fixed:

Now you can press OK and see that layers appear on the map:

Besides, the Data Source Manager tool allows also:

- Changing data sources manually, no matter if they are valid or not

- Searching for similar data sources

- Applying valid data sources to other layers in the map

Searching for data sources are separate processes for each item. You can see how many candidates are found at the moment and you can also stop searching process for each item.

After searching process is finished or stopped you can view search results and select the one you need:

Besides, for often used cases and scenarios data sources can be saved and loaded as XML files: