Import/Export Tools

Export Coordinates

Exports X, Y and Z coordinates of point, multipoint, polyline and polygon features to Excel (.xlsx) or text file (.csv).

Export to GPX

Allows exporting datasets from ArcGIS to GPX format (waypoints, routes and tracks).

Export to KML

Allows exporting selected vector or raster datasets from ArcGIS to KML/KMZ files.

Extract Map

Extracts any specified map areas or whole maps preserving all rendering and symbology settings.

Import from GPX

Allows importing data from GPX file to ArcGIS (shapefiles or geodatabase feature classes) keeping the most part of attributes including extensions.

Import from KML

Imports data from KML/KMZ format to ArcGIS supported formats.

Table to Excel

Allows exporting an attribute table of a feature layer or a standalone table to .xlsx file and then opening it in the Microsoft Excel application (if the application is installed).

Table to Excel Template

Allows exporting attribute tables or standalone tables to Excel templates for populating outside ArcGIS.

Table to Text

Exports attribute or standalone table to a text file.