Feature Tools

Add X, Y, Z Coordinates

Adds X, Y, and Z coordinates to attribute tables of point, multipoint, polyline, and polygon layers.

Aggregate by Attributes

Aggregates records or features according to specified parameters.

Calculate Geometry

Сalculates perimeter and area values (including hectares and acres) for polygon layers and length for polyline layers.

Feature Report

Allows creating reports on selected features.

Feature Statistics

Calculates basic statistics for point, multipoint, polyline and polygon features.

Identify Pro

Provides advanced feature identifying capabilities in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

Sort Features

Allows sorting of features/records in feature classes/tables.

Find Duplicate Features

Allows finding and indexing duplicated features/records in feature classes/tables.

Transfer Features

Provides easy way to copy either all or selected spatial features from one layer and paste them into another layer.