Geometry Tools

Align Polygons

Rotates polygons along selected baselines.

Attract Features

Allows attracting features to selected baselines.

Disperse Points

Allows dispersing coincident or adjacent points.

Divide Overlapping Areas

Divide the overlapping areas by center lines.

Simplify Polygons

Simplifies polygon features by removing points and simplifying bends.

Simplify Polylines

Simplifies polyline features by removing points and simplifying bends.

Smooth Polygons

Allows to smooth polygon features with spline algorithms.

Smooth Polylines

Smoothes input polyline features using Bezier or B-splines.

Split Multipart Shapes

Converts selected multipart shapes to single part features and stores them in new shapefile or geodatabase feature class.

Split Polygons

Aimed to splitting polygon features with polylines or polygons of another feature class.

Split Polylines

Aimed to advanced splitting of polyline features.

Square Off Polygons

Squares off angles in the input polygons.