Miscellaneous Tools

XTools Pro Catalog

A dual-pane data manager for ArcGIS Pro.

Interactive Tools

Interactive tools are provided for prompt and convenient editing data in the maps. No additional output datasets created. Interactive tools are available from the separate XTools Pro Interactive toolbar.

“Go to” tools

Tools for viewing your current map location displayed in the ArcMap data frame in the online map services Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, and in the Google Earth or ArcGIS Earth desktop applications.

Eye Dropper

Picks colors on the map or from other applications and online services (ArcMap, ArcGIS Online etc.) and save them to style gallery for reuse later.

Working with ArcGIS Pro layer files

Allows reading ArcGIS Pro layer files (.lyrx) directly in ArcMap and adding them to the current map.

Working with GPX files

Allows reading GPX files (version 1.0 and 1.1) directly in ArcGIS and adding them to the map.

Working with GeoRSS

GeoRSS is an emerging standard for encoding location as part of a web news feed. The name "GeoRSS" is derived from RSS, the most known web feed and syndication format.