Table Operations

series of tools to effectively manage and enrich your attribute tables with such additional attributes like XYZ coordinates,
length, area and perimeter; to aggregate and sort features/records, to delete multiple fields at once, to collect various statistics
and modify 
tables in many advanced ways

Calculate Geometry

Сalculates perimeter and area values (including hectares and acres) for polygon layers and length for polyline layers.

Add X, Y, Z Coordinates

Adds X, Y, and Z coordinates to attribute tables of point, multipoint, polyline, and polygon layers.

Delete Multiple Fields

Allows deleting multiple selected fields at a time from attribute or standalone table.

Modify Table

Allows changing structure of attribute or standalone tables.

Aggregate by Attributes

Aggregates records or features according to specified parameters.

Sort Features

Allows sorting of features/records in feature classes/tables.

Find Duplicate Features

Allows finding and indexing duplicated features/records in feature classes/tables.

Table Statistics

Analyses attribute or standalone table and then collects properties and calculates statistics for its fields.

Feature Statistics

Calculates basic statistics for point, multipoint, polyline and polygon features.

Edit in Excel

Allows editing tables in ArcGIS with Excel.