Find Projects

Allows to search for ArcGIS Pro projects associated with the selected datasets.

  Available in XTools Pro for ArcGIS Pro

The issue of data storage organization is quite common while working with several projects. The Find Projects tool is aimed to help you organize and better understand your data and maps. With this tool you can find in what ArcGIS Pro projects the selected dataset is used.

Searching for associated projects (APRX files) you can add as many datasets as you need, search results will be then grouped by the datasets. Datasets can be added manually, dragged and dropped or selected from Contents or Catalog panes. For layers from Contents pane, the dataset the selected layer is based on is added. The layers with broken links can also be added to the Input datasets list. Analyzing datasets the tool considers the full path to them.

Working with search results

For each project file in the search results window there is the same context menu. You can

  • Open project - opens the project with another ArcGIS Pro session.
  • Open project location - opens the project location with File Explorer.
  • Remove from results - removes the found project from the search results list.
  • Clear results - clears search results list.

Search results can be saved to a TXT or HTML file.