Find Duplicate Features

Allows finding and indexing duplicated features/records in feature classes/tables.

  Available in XTools Pro for ArcMap and for ArcGIS Pro

The “Find Duplicate Features” tool is provided for easy search of duplicated features and records in your data. As a result, a new attribute field with found duplicated features indexes is created in output feature class/table. Using this index field you can always select duplicated entries and/or remove them, if required. 

Feature geometries are considered to be duplicates in case of exact coincidence. The “Shape” field can be used for duplicated features search. Thus, the tool allows searching features with both duplicated geometry and duplicated attributes.

The option of removing duplicated elements allows removing found duplicated elements except the first one, i.e. only the first duplicated entries will be on the output dataset. Sort duplicates option can be used to manage what duplicate will be the first. The sort direction may also be specified (ascending or descending).

For indexing duplicates there are two index types provided:

  • Indexes "0" or "1" – all distinct values are indexed with 0, and all others indexed with 1
  • Group Indexes 1, 2, 3, 4, ... – each group of duplicated values is indexed with a unique index.