Tools Pane

Provides access to all the XTools Pro tools and features from one dockable window.

  Available in XTools Pro for ArcGIS Pro

The Tools Pane is available from the XTools Pro tab on the ribbon and from the XTools Pro Catalog opened as a separate ArcGIS Pro configuration.

In the Tools Pane all the tools are grouped according to their purpose.

The window consists of the following sections and provides the following options:

  • List of all tools.
  • List of favorite tools.
  • Search by tool name, description, and tags.
  • List of the recently used tools.
  • Display modes of the tools list.

List of favorite tools

To avoid searching the required tools every time you need to use them, they can be added to the Favorites list. To do so, click on the star icon near the tool name and it will be added to the Favorites list. If you need to delete the tool from the Favorites list, click on the star icon once again.

Search by tools

The search field locates in the upper part of the Tools Pane. Enter the required name in the search field and the list of all tools satisfying your search request will be shown as the result. You can run any tool from this list or continue searching, including searching by tags. To reset the pane to the initial view, clear the search field.

Changing the pane location

By default the Tools Pane opens as a separate window. You can dock the window as needed holding the empty area of the pane's header with the mouse.

For example,


Watching video tutorials

For some of the tools there are video tutorials available on YouTube. You can watch them by clicking on the play icon on the right of the tool name.