October 1, 2018

Find Nearest Features

Finds nearest features from same or other layers and calculates proximity details.

 Available in XTools Pro for ArcMap

The “Find Nearest Features” tool allows finding the nearest features from the same or other near datasets and calculates distances and other proximity information. The tool finds the closest features and calculates the following proximity attributes, which are added to the input dataset:

  • Near distance (planar or geodesic)
  • Closest feature ID
  • Near dataset path
  • Near point XY coordinates
  • Near angle.

Processing only selected layers in both the input layer and near layers is supported, in this case “-1” values will be assigned to the unprocessed features.

Both the input and near features can be points, multipoints, polylines, and polygons. At that, it is possible to search for nearest features in a few near layers.