Table to Excel Template

Allows exporting attribute tables or standalone tables to Excel templates for populating outside ArcGIS.

 Available in XTools Pro for ArcMap

The tool is provided for exporting table templates (structure, field names, data validation) to Excel XLSX files to be further populated outside ArcGIS. The tool can be quite useful for making and distributing table templates for use by non-GIS staff.

For example, the output empty table may be populated with data associated with the domain values. That is, you can utilize all the commonly used Excel capabilities to fill in tables with required values.

The exported table uses the geodatabase domain values:

The table structure and field names are exported, but no source values kept. The table fields associated with domain can be also filled in in Excel using the drop-down lists with coded domain values:

All domain codes and values associated with the input table are placed on the separate sheet for the reference:

Besides, there are data validations provided for the fields associated with domains. Therefore, it is not allowed to enter wrong values that are not associated with the domain: