XTools Pro 12.1 and 12.2 Released

These updates introduce new features, options, changes and improvements.

XTools Pro 12.2

This minor upgrade addresses the ArcGIS 10.4 compatibility issue as well as minor bug fixes and enhancements.

XTools Pro 12.1

New UI

Following options added to make new tools dialogs more compact and clean:

Left panels can be hidden.

Added compact size for headers.

Added compact vertical spacing.

Error report button is now moved to error message window so that you can send error report when error actually happened.

Export Data to KML

Labels points now can be generated for polylines and polygons if labeling option is selected.

Import Data from KML

Additional attributes in KML files now displayed if selected.

Copy Layer Properties

Layer properties can be copied between layers in different MXDs, i.e. between two open ArcMap sessions.

Go to Google Maps

Now supports new URLs introduced with the new version of Google Maps.

Definition Query Manager

Definition queries can be switched on/off for multiple selected layers in the TOC window.

Split by Attributes

New option added for splitting datasets into feature layers (in addition to feature classes).

Convert Shapes to Centroids

Now correctly transfers attributes to the output centroids feature class.

Simplify Polylines & Simplify Polygons

New option added to Resolve topological errors that may be caused by the simplify operation.

Map Theme Manager

A couple of example themes now provided.

Domain Manager

Domain filter now supports filtering by domain (codes) values and domain (codes) descriptions.

MultiRename Datasets

Increased performance and a few minor bugs fixed.

Create Random Sampling Points

"Total number of points" option in addition to "Maximum per feature" is now available if polyline or polygon reference layer specified.

Create Grid from Points

Fixed errors and increased performance.


Updated algorithm, increased performance, a few minor bugs fixed.

Find Associated Docs and Datasets

Added option to save search results to file (.txt, .html).

Fixed incorrect last accessed and modified dates for map documents.

Smart Add Data

Added option to clear list of recent datasets (huge lists with many recent datasets may slow down performance).

Now you get to the connected folders right after you select to connect to them.


GeoRSS connections can be added from Add Data and Smart Add Data dialogs.

Other changes in version 12.1

  • new option to remove XTools Pro commands from standard ArcGIS context menus
  • new 14-days trial period
  • minor enhancements and bug fixes