Simplify Polygons

Simplifies polygon features by removing points and simplifying bends.

 Available in XTools Pro for ArcMap

The “Simplify Polygons” tool allows simplifying polygons by removing excessive bends. At that, polygon shape remains as is.

Supported simplification algorithms:

  • Point remove - removes redundant points from the polygon shape. The algorithm is faster but provides more coarse simplification output.
  • Bend simplify - removes minor bends along the polygons while preserving the shape of the original polygons. The algorithm provides better and more appealing simplification output, although is known to be slower in most cases.

The tool can be used for creating generalized layer from the existing layer.

Specify a degree at which the simplification operation may affect the input polygon features:

  • Point remove - simplification tolerance means maximum allowable offset.
  • Bend simplify algorithm - tolerance means length of the reference bend baseline.