Square Off Polygons

Squares off angles in the input polygons.

  Available in XTools Pro for ArcMap and for ArcGIS Pro

The "Square off Polygons" tool is provided for bringing the polygon angles to the 90 degrees value. All angles in polygons that are less than the permissible deviation value will be squared off. 

The main purpose of the tool is squaring off angles in buildings. If polygons have been drawn with the right angle creation option disabled in the digitizing process, the Square Off Polygons tool may appear a perfect solution to fix such polygons.


Input feature

Output feature

Specifying angles deviation value

In order to avoid squaring of all the angles, there is an option to specify the maximum permissible deviation from the right angle - d.
For example, if your polygons represent buildings, you can filter out those angles that are the architectural particularities and so to skip them while processing.

The maximum permissible deviation from the right angle may vary from 1 to 44 degrees.