Disperse Points

Allows dispersing coincident or adjacent points.

 Available in XTools Pro for ArcMap

The “Disperse Points” tool is provided for dispersing points that are saved in a new feature class. Besides, there are options to create connecting lines and add original ID and XY coordinates to the attribute table.

Available disperse methods:

  • Randomly for separate points - all points are dispersed within the specified disperse radius
  • By clusters using patterns - points are grouped into spatial clusters and the clusters are then dispersed within the specified disperse radius.

Supported patterns: 

  • Expanded - general pattern of the input points will be kept within their dispersion Exactly coincident points will form a circle around their center of mass
  • Random - input points will be randomly moved around the center of mass
  • Ring - input points will be placed uniformly along the circle around the center of mass.