Create Fishnet

Builds fishnets of rectangular or hexagonal cells.

  Available in XTools Pro for ArcMap and for ArcGIS Pro

XTools Pro “Create Fishnet” is an advanced and powerful tool for creating fishnet feature classes. The tool builds fishnets of rectangular or hexagonal cells. Rectangular fishnets can be created as polygons or polylines while hexagonal fishnets are always polygons. By default the fishnet generation starts from the lower left corner, but you can select another way in the XTools Pro Options dialog.

Hexagonal cells

Hexagonal fishnet cells are adjusted by specifying cell's edge length, or radius of inscribed circle, or cell area.

Rectangular cells 

Rectangular fishnet cells are adjusted by defining a number of rows and columns or by specifying height and width size for cells.

Output fishnet can be rotated by a specified angle. Rotation is performed in a clockwise direction. Rotation angle can be any values, negative values allowed. Negative angles can be used to rotate cells in a counterclockwise direction.

Fishnet cells can be clipped by the specified overlay layer. Overlay layer can be any point, polyline or polygon layer added in the map. At that, only selected features of the overlay layer can be used.


Video Tutorial

In this video you will see a practical example of using the XTools Pro “Create Fishnet” tool.

The tool functionality is demonstrated by creating a population density map for the state of Texas, both rectangular and hexagonal fishnets are built in order to represent capabilities provided with the tool.