Weighted Thiessen Polygons

Builds Thiessen polygons from point features taking into account their weights.

  Available in XTools Pro for ArcMap and for ArcGIS Pro

The tool allows building Thiessen polygons from point features with taking into account their weights.

Most use-cases of Thiessen polygons are the influence analysis of the point data such as shopping centers, factories or other economy objects. When some weight parameter of points is taken into account, the output polygons show input features influence on the environment closer to reality.

Weighted Thiessen Polygons tool is different from classic tool Thiessen Polygons by forming non-linear structures, because the point weights are taken into account. Point with greater weight has greater influence than point with smaller weight and this results in creating a polygon of larger area. This is why the borders of output polygons may be arcs. Using this tool, you can also densify arcs in the output polygons. Densified polygons will have valid topology.

Besides, the tool provides following additional options for the created Thiessen polygons:

  • Use selected features – only selected input points will be processed
  • ID field - allows adding ID field with source features IDs to the output layer attribute table. Default ID field name can be changed.