October 2, 2018

Eliminate Slivers

Allows to efficiently find and optionally remove sliver polygons.

 Available in XTools Pro for ArcMap

Sliver polygons are polygons resulting from such overlay operations as Intersect or Union. The standard Eliminate functionality in ArcGIS allows searching or eliminating silvers with the Polygon Sliver Check and Eliminate tools. In addition to this standard ArcGIS functionality, the XTools Pro “Eliminate Silvers” tool considers the polygons Thinness and Circularity ratio during the search process, as well as allows selecting modification for found silvers.

Slivers can be selected by the following criteria:

  • Thinness - the ratio of the polygon area versus its perimeter, thinner polygons are closer to 0.
  • Circularity - the ratio shows how close the polygon is to a circle (it is 1 for circles).

Found sliver polygons can be modified using one of the following ways: 

  • Label polygons
  • Delete slivers
  • Merge slivers by largest area
  • Merge slivers by longest common boundary